The CKID Difference

Over 25+ years of design consultation, CKID has developed a thorough process that ensures that projects execute seamlessly in the background, so clients can focus on the joy of creating the aesthetic of their new environment without having to spend time about the details. CKID brings beauty into clients’ homes, and peace of mind to them throughout the process. 

Many designers bring creative ideas, but few also bring the deep technical experience that understands the inter-relationship of every aspect of architecture, design and construction to anticipate and prevent potential execution challenges. CKID translates your desires into an achievable plan and delivers it. CKID guides you through the myriad decisions that arise with a luxury home project, and the firm’s deep expertise saves you time and stress. 

 CKID Process



First, CKID will get to know you, your desire for how the project will transform your home functionally and visually, your lifestyle needs, your design preferences, and your aspirations. CKID will discuss scope, budget and timing and share more about their firm. The goal is a shared vision for the aesthetic and feeling of your home.

Design Development

Based on that vision, CKID will develop a mindfully-crafted design concept. This can range from a comprehensive whole-house remodel to a new home design to a thoughtful furnishing with art installation. If your project requires architects, contractors or other professionals CKID can provide a team that is well suited to your specific needs.

The design develops as they work with you to select needed materials. Then they’ll finalize details of drawings, schedules, and purchases into a thorough specification and documentation package delivered to all involved parties.


During this phase the contractor is building and implementing the design. CKID is answering questions as they arise and visiting the site to review submitted mockups and discuss details.


This is a highlight—when your home really comes together. This occurs after construction is complete and may be a single install day or phased. Accessories and art join furnishings to complete the vision. Most importantly, CKID will manage all purchases, orders and scheduling so you are not left with an action plan to take care of or a long ‘to do’ list. Your role is to enjoy your new surroundings.

 CKID Services



  • Comprehensive interior design for new homes, second homes and remodels

  • Space planning

  • Kitchen and bath design

  • Exterior materials, colors, paint

  • Fireplace inserts, railings

  • Furniture selection

  • Custom furniture design

  • Lighting design and fixture selection

  • Window coverings

  • Interior wallcoverings and flooring 

  • All interior elements: trim, doors, hardware, plumbing fixtures, appliances


Finishing touches

  • Art selection

  • Accessories

  • Styling including art and accessory placement

Concierge level project management

  • General contractor and sub selection and recommendation

  • Architect selection and recommendation

  • Comprehensive construction documentation

  • Onsite review of work during construction

  • Purchasing, receiving and delivery services


Colleen was able to translate our wishes into an achievable plan.